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Rod Thomas is a creative and insightful professional with 30+ years of experience with financial and property investments. He is the founder and Managing Director of  Avantis Wealth, a specialist investment broker offering high return alternative investments.

Rod qualified as a Chartered Accountant in the 1970s, and has invested in residential and commercial property both in the UK and internationally since 1982. He is the author of many books and special reports including:

And many more…

Prior to joining Avantis Wealth, Rod spent three years as a Chartered Accountant for Deloitte Touche.

A common thread links each of Rod Thomas’ professional endeavours, a desire to share knowledge of, and access to, alternative investment strategies that are generally not available to many investors, and have been underestimated and frankly underutilized as strategies for creating wealth.

As Managing Director of Avantis Wealth, Rod works with his clients to help them make more money now, or prepare for a financially secure, prosperous retirement later. He has also written numerous special reports on investment, pensions and retirement. Rod runs seminars and workshops and will frequently be found as a speaker at national exhibitions such as the Property Investor Show, Master Investor Show, London Investor Show and more.

Rod is a business professional, national speaker, published author and a firm believer in the power of alternative investments to deliver high returns. Rod Thomas has worked hard to develop innovative, new investment strategies for cash, pension or ISA investments, resulting in financial freedom for an increasing number of clients.